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The Simulated Environments for Geospatial Assets (SiEGA) Digital Twin Platform by AERO AI revolutionizes the realm of geospatial data visualization and collaboration. Featuring a Studio, Viewerand Marketplace option, SiEGA provides comprehensive support for high-fidelity drone data, industry-leading AEC CAD & BIM tools, and a cloud-based infrastructure, it empowers users to experience and collaborate in a geospatially accurate 3D environment.


A Next Generation Geospatial Data Exchange Platform

Create your own immersive 3D Store

List, Manage Inventory and Sell Data

Get Featured in our data collectors board

Unlock the power of your data

Reach a wider audience

Contribute to a growing movement

Create a 3D store today and start selling your geospatial digital assets

A unified platform for drone data collectors and users.

The SiEGA Marketplace is an immersive 3D store library for drone pilots to list, manage, and sell their geospatial assets. Clients can search, request, or purchase datasets, all delivered through the intuitive SiEGA Viewer.

How it Works



Sign up on the platform and provide contact details.


Store Discovery

Browse the platform to discover drone pilot stores or use the search function to find specific types of data or stores that offer data in a particular area.


Data Exploration

After selecting the store, explore the available data. Thanks to Unreal Engine you can preview 3D models in an immersive environment, manipulating the models to inspect the data from different angles and in various levels of detail.


Data Selection

Once you have found the data you need, you can add it to your shopping cart.


Checkout & Payment

Proceed to checkout where you will review your order and enter payment details.


Customer Support

If you encounter any issue or have questions during the process, you can contact our customer support center for assistance.


AEROAI Pricing & Fees

Membership Plan

  • Regular users or organizations with high-volume data exchange can opt for our monthly or annual membership plan.
  • Enjoy benefits like reduced transaction fees and priority access to new listings.
  • Enhanced customer support

Our Fees

Transaction Fee

  • A nominal commission (10-30%) is levied on each transaction, enabling us to maintain and enhance this secure and reliable platform.

Promotion Fee

  • Stand out from the crowd! For a nominal fee, we can promote your listing, making it more visible to potential buyers.

Data Processing Fee

  • Need extra processing or analysis on your purchased data? We've got you covered with our data processing services. Fees depend on the complexity of the required operations.

Need Clarification?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy multiple data sets. When you purchase a data set, you will be given a license to use that data set for a specific period of time. You can purchase as many data sets as you need, and you can use them for any purpose that is permitted by the license.

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