Our Platform offers drone pilots a unique opportunity to create their own 3D stores and sell data directly to interest clients.

Benefits For Drone Pilots & Operators

Monetize Your Data

Open new revenue streams by selling your drone to a diverse array of industries interested in high-quality geospatial information

Customizable Store Fonts

Efficient Data Processing

Secure & Easy Transactions

Reach Global Market

Flexible Pricing & Licensing

Automated Processes

Transparent Ratings & Reviews

24/7 Support

Monetization Pilot Benefits

How to Create Your Drone Pilot Store



Sign up by providing essential information, such as your name, contact details, and areas of expertise.


Profile Setup

Fill out a detailed profile, including your experience, types of drones & sensors you operate, and any relevant certification or licenses you hold.


Store Creation

Setup your online store on the platform. You can customize the look & feel of your store, add your brand logo, and provide a detailed description of the types of data you offer


Data Upload

Upload your geospatial data to the platform. Our platform supports a variety of data sets & formats, from RGB imagery to LiDAR Point Clouds. You can choose whether to upload raw data or preprocessed 3D Models.


Data Processing

(if necessary)

If you upload raw data, the platform can offer automated data processing services to convert the raw data into a usable 3D model.


Data Listing

List each data set on your store. You can provide a detailed description of the data, tag it with relevant categories and attributes (like location, date of capture, resolution, and industry applicability), then set a price.


Payment Setup

Connect your store to any payment gateway that we have available, enabling you to receive payments from your customers directly.


AEROAI Pricing & Fees

Membership Plan

  • Regular users or organizations with high-volume data exchange can opt for our monthly or annual membership plan.
  • Enjoy benefits like reduced transaction fees and priority access to new listings.
  • Enhanced customer support

Our Fees

Transaction Fee

  • A nominal commission (10-30%) is levied on each transaction, enabling us to maintain and enhance this secure and reliable platform.

Promotion Fee

  • Stand out from the crowd! For a nominal fee, we can promote your listing, making it more visible to potential buyers.

Data Processing Fee

  • Need extra processing or analysis on your purchased data? We've got you covered with our data processing services. Fees depend on the complexity of the required operations.

Need Clarification?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy multiple data sets. When you purchase a data set, you will be given a license to use that data set for a specific period of time. You can purchase as many data sets as you need, and you can use them for any purpose that is permitted by the license.

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