SiEGA Studio

Dive into SiEGA Studio's immersive 3D world tailored for AEC professionals. Seamlessly merge drone-derived geospatial data and your favorite CAD & BIM tools. Transform client meetings and design reviews with our geospatially accurate environment.

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Customized Geospatial Digital Twin Application

Custom built for your specific needs

Interactive Time-of-Day control

Real-Time collaborative workflow

Cloud-based with Pixel Streaming Tech

Hyper realistic, Smart 3D Avatar

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Tailored to your needs

Our team of certified geospatial developers can tailor your virtual environments to align with your unique project needs, and integrate diverse geospatial data sources seamlessly.



Custom Deployment

SiEGA Studio can be built and deployed to align with the specific demands of your projects and it is for AEC clients, ensuring seamless integration and enhancement of their existing workflows.


Georeferened 3D Environment

Traverse a virtual 3D Environment that mirrors real-world accuracy, ensuring your projects align with true geographical context and details. Powered by Cesium for Unreal Engine.


Export 3D Renderings

Export and save photo realistic 2K and 4K image renderings from different perspectives to showcase and understand your project’s geospatial data from different perspective.


Advanced Navigation

Explore and Navigate through your 3D Geospatial Data using different navigation modes that allows aerial fly-through, orbit mode and a lifelike 3D avatar that can be tailored to your company/project brand, adding depth and realism.


3D Annotations and Measurements

Mark and comment on specific areas or features with ease. Sketch and design directly within the viewer for quick modifications or notes.


3D Drawing Tools

Draw simple sketches and shapes such as lines, circles, squares and others to highlight areas or specific objects within your geospatial data

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Frequently Asked Questions

SiEGA Studio is a custom digital twin solution designed and built for your specific project needs. Whether you need a specific interactive feature, or require custom visualization or product deployment, SiEGA Studio can be packaged to meet your project’s specific needs.

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